Mission Statement

HIV Modernization Movement-Indiana (HMM) is a diverse group of individuals who seek to modernize Indiana’s criminal HIV laws. Deeply outdated and lacking in scientific merit, these harmful laws criminalize and stigmatize “Hoosiers” living with HIV and are counterproductive to  ending the HIV epidemic in Indiana.

About Us

We are a broad coalition created by people living with HIV and their allies who are working together to change harmful and discriminatory HIV laws in Indiana. Our membership consists of students, professors, public health authorities, non-profit organizational leaders and staff, community advocates, legal advisors, and family members, of diverse racial, gender, and sexuality backgrounds. Many of us are living with HIV.

Our Guiding Principles for Modernizing Indiana Laws that Criminalize HIV

Modernizing current HIV-specific criminal laws is preferable to full repeal; a model law must include:

  1. Criminal intent to transmit and conduct likely to transmit HIV.
  2. Punishment proportionate to the actual harm.
  3. No new crimes or increased penalties for any other disease.
  4. Must exclude diseases that are airborne/casually transmitted.
  5. Must reflect modern HIV science
  6. Classification as a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Our State Wide Steering Committee

  • Carrie Foote, Chair, Associate Professor of Sociology, IUPUI, HIV+ since 1988 (foote@iupui.edu)
  • John W. Coberg II, Co-Chair, MA Student IUPUI Sociology
  • Jacob Daniel, IUPUI, Student, HIV+ since 2015
  • Mark Hughes, HIV+ since 1995

Regional Leads

  • Fort Wayne Area – Michelle Harris, HIV+ since 2008 (mmycookie@yahoo.com)
  • Gary Area – Reggie Austin (reggiereg626@gmail.com)
  • Bloomington Area – Nick Melloan-Ruiz (whileiwaslisteningtonpriheard@gmail.com)

Supporting Groups

About Our Name

“HIV Modernization Movement – Indiana”  HMM. While most people initially support laws that criminalize people living with HIV,  attitudes start to change once people learn more about the laws, how they are based on outdated HIV science and their harmful effects. Once that happens, people go “hmm…, I am starting to wonder now about these laws.” and they want to learn more and quickly find themselves in support of modernization and reform.  Our name reflects this thought process and need for modernization based on current HIV science and need to end HIV stigma.