Indiana Legislation

Select the year on the left to view past Bill efforts to modernize Indiana’s HIV criminal laws, some of which passed and were signed into law.

HB1198 Bill Text & Read the FAQ and
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Watch here: Indiana Interim Study Committee on HIV Criminal Law Reform Recommends Modernization.

HB1032-2022 removes 1980s/90s era sentencing enhancements and criminal offenses related to HIV that were based on stigma and misinformation about people who are HIV positive.
**HB1032 Advocacy Fact Sheet

HB1158 modernizes sections of the Public Health Code linked to Indiana’s outdated HIV criminal laws.

HEA1340-2021 eliminating stigmatizing language in the criminal code based on HIV status.

HEA1182-2020 eliminated stigmatizing and outdated HIV science language in the public health code and made HIV-related science updates.

HB1325-2019 Aimed to eliminate stigmatizing language, make HIV-related science updates, repeal and modernize two outdated HIV criminal codes (Did not pass

IC= Indiana Code; IC-16 refers to Health Code IC-35 refers to Criminal Code

Guiding Principles for Modernizing Indiana’s HIV Criminal Laws

A model law must include:

  • Must reflect modern HIV science
  • Criminal intent to transmit & conduct likely to transmit HIV.
  • Punishment proportionate to the actual harm.
  • Remove stigmatizing language in the law.

Change the Law – End the Stigma