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HIV Awareness Memorabilia – Gift Ideas

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Our items can be used for AIDS Awareness education walks, appreciation gifts, or advocacy events.
By simply wearing a t-shirt and having others ask you about HIV, we can help educate others and bring awareness and support to change outdated laws.

Cool HIV Swag – Found on Amazon

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Customizable – Apparel and Memorabilia on Zazzle

These unique products can be customized with your own personal text and images.

HIV Undetectable Equals Untransmittable

Part of our mission is to help educate others to learn more about HIV transmission. Research shows that people with HIV who are on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus to their partners.

We appreciate your help to raise awareness, educate, and answer questions others have about HIV viral load, negligible zero risk factors, and the concept of impossible transmission of HIV.

A percentage our U=U t-shirt proceeds is given to the Prevention Access Campaign