HIV Merchandise Gift Ideas & Apparel 2021

HIV AIDS Awareness Apparel and Memorabilia

HIV is Not A Crime: By simply wearing a t-shirt and having others ask you about HIV and why it is not a crime is an easy way to begin educating others about the current Indiana laws that criminalize HIV and why they need to be changed. Styles are available for men, women and kids in 5 color choices. Click through to learn more and see all color choices. Use for AIDS Awareness education walks or events.

Shipping to an International Address

At this time, the t-shirts are only able to ship to a USA address. As we wait for Amazon to expand and permit international shipping on these custom shirts, please consider shipping your order to a friend in the USA, who can then re-address the package and ship to you.

HIV Undetectable Equals Untransmittable Shirts and Memorabilia

U Equals U Apparel and Gifts

Help educate others so they can learn more about HIV undetectable transmission risk. Browse our designs below. Research shows that people with HIV who are on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus to their partners. Help raise awareness, educate, and answer questions others have about HIV viral load, negligible zero risk factors, and the concept of impossible transmission of HIV.

NOTE: A percentage the U=U t-shirt proceeds is given to the Prevention Access Campaign