House Bill 1325 – Modernizing Indiana’s Public Health Communicable Disease Laws (Introduced January 2019)

Representative Authors/Coauthors:

  • Ed Clere (R-District 72 – Most of Floyd County)
  • Dr. Tim Brown (R-District 41 – Parts of Montgomery, Boone and Tippecanoe counties)
  • Robin Shackleford (D-District 98- Parts of East Marion County)
  • Tony Cook (R-District 32 – Tipton County and parts of Hamilton, Howard, Grant, Madison, and Delaware counties)

Click Here – Fact Sheet on HB 1325 
Click Here – Fact Sheet on Law Reform related to HIV and Blood Products Donations/Artificial Insemination

HB 1325 modernizes Public Health Communicable Disease Laws to reflect current HIV prevention and treatment science, and best criminal law practices, as it:

  • Removes counterproductive State Health Department reporting practices regarding people living with HIV or HBV.
  • Ensures that safe HIV conception practices are used for artificial insemination services.
  • Updates HIV information that the State Health Department must provide to a pregnant woman living with HIV.
  • Removes harmful requirements and criminal penalties requiring people living with HIV or HBV to disclose their disease to a partner.
  • Removes criminal penalties for prohibitions on men living with HIV using artificial insemination. 
  • Amends the informed consent information provided to potential blood/plasma donors regarding HIV screening, reporting and criminal liabilities.
  • Refines and modernizes criminal penalties for intentionally transmitting HIV or HBV.

Why is Modernization Needed?

Several outdated Indiana laws single out and harshly punish people living with HIV (PLHIV) for nondisclosure of their HIV status, regardless of whether the PLHIV had any intent to cause harm, their behavior was scientifically likely to cause harm, or whether HIV transmission ever occurred. Some laws also target people living with Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.  These laws were largely based on irrational fears about people with HIV and our limited understanding of HIV science in the 1980s and early 1990s, when the laws were written. In the years since, medical science has greatly improved our understanding of HIV. There are extremely effective methods of preventing HIV transmission, and effective treatments have dramatically lengthened and improved the quality of life for people living with HIV.  We need to modernize these laws to account for current scientific HIV knowledge and to reflect best criminal legal practices. 

Modernization will promote public health efforts to end the Indiana HIV epidemic by reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination, eliminating barriers to HIV testing and treatment, and aligning laws with current HIV science.

Why are these laws a problem in Indiana?

  • They are counterproductive to public health efforts to end the HIV epidemic in Indiana:  they create a disincentive to seek HIV testing and treatment, and there is no evidence that these laws contribute anything towards the intended goal of reducing HIV transmission.
  • They exacerbate stigma, fostering a climate of isolation and fear that is the number one barrier to ending the HIV epidemic. 
  • They restrict access to fertility services for men living with HIV.
  • Hundreds of ‘Hoosiers’ have come into contact with the criminal justice system, and/or been subject to stigmatizing public health policies, under these laws.
  • Unnecessarily sentencing people living with HIV to prison terms is costly to the state and tax payers with no public health benefit.
  • They disproportionately impact people of color and other vulnerable communities, and have caused tremendous individual harm to people living with HIV and their families.

Who supports this Bill? 

HB 1325 is supported by public health officials because laws that punish and stigmatize people living with HIV discourage people from getting tested and from seeking treatment, which impedes public health objectives of eliminating transmission of HIV and optimizing care outcomes for those living with HIV.  HB 1325 would remove discrimination and stigma for people living with HIV and further public health efforts to encourage HIV testing, treatment and care.   Therefore HB 1325 will help end the HIV epidemic in Indiana and optimize care outcomes. Supporting Entities include:  

How can you help?

  • Join our HMM listserv to stay informed on the latest modernization efforts in Indiana.
  • List your Organization as a supporter of modernizing Indiana’s HIV specific public health/criminal laws.
  • Call or meet with your state elected representatives and discuss your concerns about outdated HIV public health codes and HIV criminalization; also educate them on HIV 101.
  • Host a community forum to educate on HIV, criminalization and why these laws need to be modernized.
  • Speak out when you learn someone is being charged under an outdated HIV criminal law.

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