HIV Videos

Educational Webinar Replay – Learn About HIV Crime Law
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Criminalization: Masking Fear and Discrimination (2016)

“With HIV we can prosecute it or we can prevent it – you can’t do both”

HIV is Not a Crime (2011)

HIV is Not a Crime is a short film by the SERO project that introduces HIV criminalization through the experiences of three people–Nick Rhoades, Monique Moree and Robert Suttle–who were prosecuted for HIV crimes.

It’s Time to End Bad HIV Laws (2015)

The video talks about what these laws do, whom they target, and how they cause harm without any perceptible benefit and is the result of a joint campaign by CHLP, the Human Rights Campaign and the National Center for Lesbian Rights to raise awareness about the harms of HIV criminal laws. Visit our joint video page at and spread the word!

HIV Justice Worldwide (2016)

HIV Justice Worldwide is an initiative made up of global, regional and national civil society organisations – most of them led by people living with HIV – who are working together to build a worldwide movement to end HIV criminalisation. All of the founding partners have worked individually and collectively on HIV criminalisation for a number of years.